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In the vast majority of MPI total loss claims, no qualified vehicle appraiser actually appraises your vehicle BEFORE they make you an offer to settle.

When you “write off” your vehicle, MPI relies on an American company with a reputation for undervaluing vehicles to support their offer to you.

When you reject MPI’s offer on your total loss claim and choose to have the value decided in arbitration, your chance of getting more money for your vehicle is over 90%.

Having your vehicle appraised in Manitoba by an “appraiser” with no history with insurers like MPI often results in the “appraisal” being ignored or disregarded by the insurance companies. This is especially true of out of province appraisals.

If you become the subject of an MPI “investigation” because of the circumstances of your loss / theft / fire, it is always a good idea to record any conversations you have with MPI’s investigators.

It is never a good idea to negotiate with MPI over the phone. ALWAYS get things in writing…especially offers they make on your total loss vehicle. Verbal offers are not binding.

You are NOT obligated to accept any offer MPI makes on your total loss claim.

If you’re unhappy with the extent or the quality of repairs done to your vehicle by an MPI accredited repair shop following an accident or loss, you have the absolute right to appeal the poor workmanship through arbitration.

When you choose to put your claim into the appraisal / arbitration process to get what you believe you deserve for your vehicle, MPI may offer you their list of “independent” appraisers. Be aware that, as of January 2018, all appraisers on that list work under a signed agreement with MPI and should not, in our opinion, be considered “independent”.

MPI frequently makes what are commonly referred to as “lowball” offers on total loss claims because history tells MPI that most people don’t have any expertise in knowing the true value of their vehicle. This is especially true of seniors and young women, who are most at risk of being taken advantage of.

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