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The Victims of the System session will be an ongoing exposure of what is, in our opinion, the worst of MPI. Through these sometimes hard to believe (believe them) stories, we hope to shine some daylight on the mistakes, missteps and malfeasance all too common in many MPI claims. And there’s no shortage of victims.

These are not “urban myths”. These are actual stories of actual claims and scenarios that we have either witnessed or been involved in on behalf of our clients. We’re giving you the “Coles Notes” versions to get the point across as briefly as possible and only the names have been changed to protect our protagonists’ privacy. There’s some real doozies.

Once upon a time…

Meet Pete (not his real name). Pete is an older gentleman that had a “collectible” car from the 60’s… that got “written off”. MPI’s initial offer was in the $1000 range…and Pete almost took the offer…mostly because he just didn’t know what the current market value of his “baby” was. Then he got some good advice from a friend and challenged the offer…so MPI increased the offer to the $4500 range…then it went to arbitration…and the offer went up to the $15,000 range…Pete’s arbitrator refused that offer and the claim ultimately went to an Umpire (a third party, independent appraiser appointed by the two arbitrators). The Umpire’s decision was final and binding on both Pete and MPI.

In the end, Pete got a cheque for…are you ready… $29,500…for a vehicle MPI initially tried to pay him $1000 for.

Pete’s story is an extreme example of what can happen when you don’t hire experts to help you navigate the MPI process.

The moral of the story…

If you don’t know what you don’t know, ASK someone who might.

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Next time…Sarah’s Saga…you’ll laugh, you’ll cry…it will become part of you.