Our advocacy services are available for anyone in a situation where the arbitration process doesn’t apply. If you’ve had a claim denied, if you’re unhappy with how you’ve been treated or if you’re just tired of dealing with MPI or any other insurers, talk to us. If we believe you have a legitimate complaint, we will represent you in your dispute and make your fight, our fight.

Much of our work on the advocacy front involves claim denials, questions of liability, unprofessional conduct by insurance adjusters and more and more often, sheer frustration on the part of individuals who feel they have been, or are being, mistreated by their insurance company and who need help in making things right.

Because advocacy can cover such a wide range of situations, we consider these claims on a case by case basis. If we believe you have been wronged or treated unfairly, we will provide guidance or a full-blown defense on your behalf.

Our expertise in dealing with these types of issues is extensive. We have represented both sides of these disputes for many years and we know how the “system” works from the inside out. Our experience includes work for legal firms, commercial enterprises and the general public and our track record is worth a look.

Some examples of these situations are just a click away on our Testimonials page.

The bottom line is this…you have every right to expect to be treated fairly in all matters relating to your insurance provider and, if they fail to live up to that level of service, you have the absolute right to fight back.

We’re here to help, if you need us.