Sweet! Thanks a lot for your work!!! Definitely would recommend you to anyone who was in the same position as me!

Trent G., Winnipeg

Great experience!   The guys were very knowledgeable and thorough with my ’67 Camaro appraisal.  Didn’t rush through it either.  You could tell they really enjoy their jobs and their very thorough inspection showed that.   I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy the chance to inspect classic cars,  eh!

Diane H.

I would highly recommended Accurate Appraisals. Michael expertly helped me navigate the vehicle claims process and was able to negotiate a much more favourable settlement!

Joanne V. / Winnipeg

My wife and I were t-boned in our 2005 Nissan Altima, my wife being the original owner and the car in exceptional shape with low mileage. MPI wrote off the car and presented us with a low offer, not considering any of the information I provided them in respect to bills of repair, etc. I was pretty adamant about the value of the car and refused to accept the offer. I was told if I wanted to arbitrate it then I needed to hire my own arbitrator at my own cost. My wife searched out Accurate Appraisals online and, luckily, there we met 2 great and honest people. Wally and Mike came to look the car over and meet with the MPI arbitrator. Finally, Wally and Mike were able to get us $2600.00 more than the original MPI offer, which was acceptable. I highly recommend Accurate Appraisals… this is an honest company with 2 very honest people… and professional.

Glenn. B / Wpg.

My 2013 Nissan Rogue got written off and MPI lowballed me on their offer. A friend referred me to Accurate Appraisals because they had helped him. When they took over the claim, I didn’t have to deal with MPI anymore (huge relief) and they settled it for over $2000 more than MPI had offered me.

Todd M. / Winnipeg

We are an established used car retailer in Winnipeg and we work exclusively with Accurate Appraisals anytime we, or our customers, have problems with MPI and need an Appraiser / Arbitrator. They deal with MPI so we don’t have to and they always get us better settlements. They’re the best!

Les V. and Kevin J. / Northstar Motors

I contacted Wally because MPI was not willing to give me the amount my car was worth. I had a 2017 Chevy Malibu that I still owe 24K on and wasn’t aware of gap insurance. MPI offered me 15K after they wrote it off. I was able to get it up to 17K with the tax return. This took me MONTHS. I spoke to Wally and he was able to get it up to 19K within a few days. Wally was very understanding of the entire situation. Wally explained that he is to only take $400.00 if he is able to get more and if he can’t, there is no fee. He usually takes this amount as payment up front and will return it if he is not able to bump the value.

I am a mom of two and Wally told me that he doesn’t want me to worry about it and that I can pay once I get the cheque in from MPI which made my life way easier! I am definitely recommending Wally to all my friends and family. Amazing customer service.

Lila A. / Winnipeg

When I wrote off my car, MPI wasn’t willing to settle on a fair amount, I was referred to Wally at Accurate Appraisals and I couldn’t have been happier with the service I received. Because of Wally and Accurate Appraisals, I was able to get another $3000 for my car. The guys are great and I’d recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone that’s in the same situation.

J. Denorer

My car was written off by Autopac and they made me a low-ball offer.  I contacted Accurate Appraisals for advice. Their representative was well informed and highly professional. He clearly explained the process and my options.  As a result of their guidance and support through the negotiations, my final settlement was fair and over a thousand dollars higher.  If you have an accident or an issue with Autopac, I strongly suggest that you contact the professionals at Accurate Appraisal. They will help you.

Billy S, Winnipeg

When my granddaughter was hit by another driver while living in Saskatchewan, MPI denied her total loss claim on a technicality. It was a very frustrating experience and potentially very costly if we had to replace the car out of pocket. We were referred to Michael Masters at Accurate Appraisals by an acquaintance who Michael had helped a few months earlier. Michael not only convinced MPI to reverse their decision and cover the claim, he also negotiated a settlement that was significantly higher than what MPI offered us ( once they agreed to cover the claim). We were both extremely happy with what Michael did for us and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who can’t get a good settlement from MPI.

Jean G, Parkland, MB

My experience with MPI

My new truck was stolen and severely damaged. Fortunately, I had new vehicle replacement insurance if it ever got written off. But when I met with MPI, they informed me that they’d only write it off if I agreed to take a huge loss on the value and they refused to negotiate with me at all. Luckily, I had heard of Michael at Accurate Appraisals, so I contacted him for help and then turned my claim over to him. I don’t know exactly how he did it, but when it was all said and done, MPI relented and paid me fair value for my truck. I was really happy with his work and I say call them if MPI is refusing to pay what your vehicle is worth or is refusing your claim.

Pete M., Dauphin, MB

When my PT Cruiser was written off in an accident, MPI offered me far less than what I thought my car was worth. When I complained, they told me I’d have to appeal the offer in the Appraisal / Arbitration process. I hired Accurate Appraisals to arbitrate the claim with MPI and, in the end, they got me almost twice what MPI had offered. If you have a problem with MPI, these are the guys to call.

Mike W, Winnipeg

I had a big problem with MPI when my 93 Toyota Supra Targa was written off. Their offer was only $13,000 and I had just spent a bunch of money on a new paint job. It was so frustrating dealing with MPI that I decided to hire an arbitrator to deal with the problem. I had heard of the guys at Accurate Appraisal, so I called them and explained my problem. They agreed to represent me, and they really lived up to their reputation. My final settlement was $20,000 plus taxes. I would highly recommend them.

Jamie B, Winnipeg

When my wife’s 2001 VW Cabrio, with just over 25,000 kms. was t-boned and written off by Autopac, and Autopac was really lowballing us with their offer and failing to take into account the fact that my wife had the car since new and drove it sparingly, I immediately called Wally at Accurate Appraisals.

With his vast industry experience, he offered to arbitrate with Autopac on our behalf. We knew upfront  that we would never be able to find a comparable replacement and that Autopac would never recognize the true value of the car. However with Wally representing us, we were able to get 25% more from Autopac than they initially offered.

I would not hesitate to use Wally’s services in the future and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is struggling to get fair value from Autopac.

Al A, Winnipeg

I was very fortunate to have found Accurate Appraisals to represent me as my arbitrator. Initially, in my dealings with Autopac, there was some very unclear communication about what my options were with my vehicle being a potential write-off. There was pressure for me to surrender my vehicle immediately without a written agreement of what had been stated verbally and Autopac’s offer for my car, when it finally came, was unacceptable. I was extremely frustrated at how unclear and confusing the terms were, but I was able to get clarification, a satisfactory resolution and a much better offer thanks to the team at Accurate Appraisals. I would recommend them to anyone.

Lori S, Winnipeg

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